Don't Expect Too Much...

I've been doing my thing for many years. Living my life with selfish intent. How else can I look at it? I abandoned my wife, child, family, careers, even life, for the sake of a high. Because of how something made me feel. (I ain't mad at you if your shaking your head)
But, now I'm back! Same wife, same child - who is a man now - and same family. Hooray! Right? Actually, no. It isn't always hooray. And because of this sometimes I get hurt and frustrated because things aren't the same. May never be the same. And if I keep it real with myself, it is my doing. I did that! Take a bow, this is all my handywork. I cannot blame anyone but myself for the alienation I'm experiencing. All I can do is pray and be consistent and let the love I have for them show in what I do. I cannot expect too much. I need to only be patient and let love be my guide.


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