When Being Right is Wrong...

The other day I expressed my views on a particular subject that did not sit well with my listener. I became adamant, even forceful with my views. In my heart of hearts I truly believed that I was right. Sort of still do. But my insistence on being right caused much tension and stress for my listener. Couldn't I just agree? Would I have diminished in some capacity? Because what I believed wasn't accepted does that mean that my perspective was wrong? No. No one can take away my belief. And it is okay to let someone else be right. But it is wrong to try and make someone see what I believe- when they choose not to accept it,- just in the name of being right. Cause quietly kept, they have a right to believe what they choose. And no matter what I may think or believe, I've got to respect that. Period.  Today, I choose to let others be right. I will allow people the opportunity to agree or even disagree with me. This is right..Anything else, I believe, would be wrong....

So Much Time Lost...

Sometimes I'll walk around the house and look at pictures of events without me in them. Or listen to my family talk about how much fun they had doing this or that, at a time I wasn't around. No. I don't blame them. And am very happy that their life went on during a period when I dedicated all my time to drugs rather than to them. I carry much pain knowing that I was not around because of irresponsible decisions I made. My wife and family are the most amazing people. They always have been. And I left them anyway.  And what breaks me down to lowest common denominator is they have surrounded me with love and all the support I could ever want or need. So today, they come first. Whatever I can do for them, I will. They are my greatest asset. And whatever time I have left on this planet will be dedicated to them. No more time lost...


In order to move forward, one must learn the art of forgiveness. This is an imperative, a must do, a step in ones life, that, unless exercised, there can be no forward movement.
Just recently, I found out that I was carrying dark feelings in my heart toward someone I believed I'd forgiven. Its toxic presence within me was causing major tension in my home life. I'd cultivated years of energy just to maintain my hatred for this individual. But, I came to realization that I was about to loose more in my life if I could not find the strength and courage to let go. Being able to forgive is a sign of strength, growth and courage. We live in a society that believes in revenge and payback, tit-for-tat. You stab me, I stab you back.
No wonder we're bleeding all over the place.
Let it go...that's what I said to myself.
Help me let it go...this is what I said to my God. After doing this, it was like tending to a festering wound. There was immediate relief. I knew that there would always be a scar. But I knew that soon there would no longer be anymore pain.
Forgiveness is not an easy thing. It is necessary, though. Especially if healing is something you want in your life.

Love is what you do...

Recently I spoke about telling people in your life that you love them. I still stand by this statement. But, I also believe that showing people in our lives that we love them is the most important of all. You see, I used to say
"I love you" to those in my life while at the same time I was constantly hurting them, constantly letting them down. My actions did not equal what I said.Whatever I was giving, it wasn't love. I believe now, that love,  is more than just a feeling. Love, true love, is what you do. It causes action. Telling them you love them is necessary. Showing them you love them is imperative. Oh, by the way, Real Love don't hurt. People do the hurting. Love heals, uplifts, cleanses. It comforts, embraces and corrects. Love will direct you, enable you and strengthen you. Love doesn't hurt you...rejecting love does.
Today, more than just saying, do love. Do it. Cause love is so much more than what we feel or say...Love is what we do...

Hope is not a Wishlist..

Hope isn't wishful thinking.  It's a knowing and an understanding that life will get better. It's a choice. You see, I wish for a Range Rover and an unlimited gift card to HomeDepot. (I've been bitten by the home improvement bug) But the hope I have exists primarily because I make different decisions today. I choose to live by faith more than I do by fear. I don't  pretend that I have no fears. I just try not to allow my fears to decide for me. Do I slip periodically? Oh hell yeah! Ask my wife. But, the seeds of faith I've planted are growing, getting taller and stronger. I can see the results in my life like a garden cultivated. It gives me strength...It gives me joy...It gives me hope...

Tell them you love them...

Is there someone in your life that you love? Be sure to let them know that. Be sure to tell them that you love them. There is no way of knowing when our time on this planet will come to an end. When the people we love leave the house going about their business, we cannot be sure that they'll make it home. I'm not trying to be morbid. I've just lost people in my life that I wish were still here to see that I understand that being alive is precious, that loving is precious. That whatever it is we hold onto that keeps us from reaching out, be it anger, resentments, old hurts, is small compared to not having that person, you love, in your life. Our greatest asset and our greatest strength is Love. Do you love someone? Don't forget to let them know that you do...