Ain't No Stopping Me Now!

I can remember walking in 100 degree heat, dehydrated, desolate and dejected, on my way (with a purpose, mind you) to meet my connection to get my drugs. Or was it raining like cats and dogs? Or was it cold? I guess, if I remember correctly, or document it "honestly", that,  it didn't matter what the condition of the weather was like. I went to get my drugs, to get high, no matter what! The cops could be making circles like sharks. Mexican gangs could be on the look out for any suspicious black male. (by the way, I am black - or so I am told - and I looked suspicious quite often)
I was there.  For many, many years, I was right there. My whole world and my every intent, was just to get high.

I guess that's why today, when an obstacle comes my way, no matter how big or small, I'm ready. Cause nothing stopped me from getting high. And today, nothing is going to stop me from succeeding. Whenever I even begin to think I can't, I just remember all those times when my feet were hurting, or when I was cold or hungry or in pain and I walked to retrieve things that ultimately destroyed my quality of life.
 Destroyed my life.
Today? Man, I have no problem getting up and doing. Whatever it is. I am so proud of the people in my life and the ones that love me,  that my every waking hour is dedicated to doing what I have to do. Once upon a time I walked for all things dark...Now I walk for God. It's a lot easier and a lot more rewarding than the person I used to walk for.



Good for you!!! Great Post...I hope sharing your past is theraputic for you...

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