In order to move forward, one must learn the art of forgiveness. This is an imperative, a must do, a step in ones life, that, unless exercised, there can be no forward movement.
Just recently, I found out that I was carrying dark feelings in my heart toward someone I believed I'd forgiven. Its toxic presence within me was causing major tension in my home life. I'd cultivated years of energy just to maintain my hatred for this individual. But, I came to realization that I was about to loose more in my life if I could not find the strength and courage to let go. Being able to forgive is a sign of strength, growth and courage. We live in a society that believes in revenge and payback, tit-for-tat. You stab me, I stab you back.
No wonder we're bleeding all over the place.
Let it go...that's what I said to myself.
Help me let it go...this is what I said to my God. After doing this, it was like tending to a festering wound. There was immediate relief. I knew that there would always be a scar. But I knew that soon there would no longer be anymore pain.
Forgiveness is not an easy thing. It is necessary, though. Especially if healing is something you want in your life.


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