Love is what you do...

Recently I spoke about telling people in your life that you love them. I still stand by this statement. But, I also believe that showing people in our lives that we love them is the most important of all. You see, I used to say
"I love you" to those in my life while at the same time I was constantly hurting them, constantly letting them down. My actions did not equal what I said.Whatever I was giving, it wasn't love. I believe now, that love,  is more than just a feeling. Love, true love, is what you do. It causes action. Telling them you love them is necessary. Showing them you love them is imperative. Oh, by the way, Real Love don't hurt. People do the hurting. Love heals, uplifts, cleanses. It comforts, embraces and corrects. Love will direct you, enable you and strengthen you. Love doesn't hurt you...rejecting love does.
Today, more than just saying, do love. Do it. Cause love is so much more than what we feel or say...Love is what we do...


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